QEEG Brain Mapping

QEEG brain mapping (Quantitative Electroencephalography)

Brain mapping is a key element in the delivery of our neurofeedback training, providing a benchmark for patients, of how their brains performed before beginning treatment. Brain maps are performed periodically, approximately every ten sessions to show clients how they've progressed.

At Neurofitness UK we use a live 3D scan of the brain in action

The 3D scan shows changes in the brain function as it's happening allowing the practitioner to pinpoint the precise areas in your brain that need work.

Images from a live session and a part of the results of the brain mapping.

Image 1 - Electroencephalographic recording also known as an EEG, it records the electrical activity of the brain and provides us with critical information on how the brain functions. it is the equivalent of an ECG for the brain. Used in Neurofeedback it is not for diagnostic purposes or for treatment of disease.

Image 2 - The one with the colored heads on a white background is a part of the brain map. This provides a detailed breakdown of what the brain is doing and which areas need training. It also helps explain why the client has the symptoms he/she has. This information is a big part of producing the right treatment plan which is different for each individual.

Image 3 - The one with the 3D head is a live image of a brain training session. As we train the brain we can observe the brain in 3D and pinpoint areas that are out of the range of healthy brain activity. With this technology we can train those specific areas to self-regulate.

The QEEG has been validated by FMRI (Functional magnetic resonance imaging) studies.
The QEEG is an excellent resource for other professionals in the nutrition and counselling fields because you can show your patients what their brains looked like before beginning treatment (such as with supplements, diet, counselling, psychotherapy, etc) and after.

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