Marina Chirco

Marina completed her studies in Medicine and was awarded a degree as Medical Doctor from the University of Palermo on the island of Sicily in Italy. She is registered with the General Medical Council and holds a license to practice in both England and Italy. In England, Marina works as a part-time Psychiatrist for the NHS and also has her own Neurofeedback Clinic where she sees clients privately.

After medical school, Marina furthered her studies in alternative therapies such as Psychoneuroendocrinimmunology, Homeopathy, and Acupuncture along with Neurofeedback. She is an advocate for healthy diet and lifestyle and has successfully integrated all of these methodologies to offer her clients a holistic approach to healing.

Marina first began using Neurofeedback to help her then two year old son overcome night terrors and hyperactivity and it has also helped her overcome her own personal challenges with anxiety.

Marina has trained with several experts in the field of Neurofeedback and is currently specialising in QEEG brain mapping. She continues to enhance her expertise in the field and add new technology to offer the best service possible with the goal of helping her clients achieve their personal best.

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