Alzheimer’s, dementia & age related conditions

Do you feel like your memory isn't quite what it used to be? Perhaps a few years ago you could easily remember appointments, telephone numbers or a list of things to do and now it feels like you aren't as sharp as before. Have others commented on your forgetfulness? The signs of ageing can be subtle in the beginning and build up over time.

Decline in memory and cognitive function can happen quickly for example after a stroke or a head injury but often it can happen gradually. Some of the symptoms to watch out for are:

Impaired judgement abilities.
Having difficulty remembering day-to-day things.
Starting to forget dates and appointments.
Getting in a muddle with finances, paying bills etc.
Finding that they are losing things around the house.
Finding it harder to remember names.
Having difficulty following conversations.

By increasing blood flow to the brain and therefore bringing it more oxygen and nutrients, Neurofeedback can help support the areas that are in decline and temporarily improve symptoms. You can compare it to brain gym and just as you would exercise your body to keep fit, young and healthy the same is true for the brain and mental abilities.

Training requires the brain to maintain neural connections that would otherwise be lost prematurely. With a specific protocol for the ageing brain we can help you to feel bright and 'switched on' again. We can also provide dietary and supplement suggestions to give your brain the best possible chance at making good progress.

Treatment is easy, enjoyable and many find it is very relaxing. Most clients also report improved mood and quality of sleep.

Neurofeedback training for dementia is intended to improve the quality of life, slow the process of ageing but not necessarily reverse or stop it.

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