Neurofitness UK, brain training & QEEG brain mapping

Helping people of all ages and abilities improve their levels of concentration, achieve their potential and help people recovering from head injuries using drug-free, non-invasive state of the art technology to train the brain.

Therapeutic applications of neurofeedback training
  • Post Concussion Syndrome

    Neurofeedback has helped me recover from post concussion syndrome. It helped with insomnia, memory, fatigue, irritability, light & noise sensitivity, heightened smell & nausea, anxiety and depression, all symptoms of my brain injury. After each session I felt calm and like my brain was functioning better. I’d highly recommend it …Read More »
  • Fibromyalgia

    I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia a few years ago.  I have struggled quite a lot dealing with everyday life, a friend told me about Marina at Neurofitness UK and how much of an impact it had on her life so far, so decided to give it a try, all I …Read More »
  • Migraines

    Since my sessions with you I have managed any potential migraine, to the extent that I only now get headaches not migraines. The headaches are few and far between. Pam, BefordshireRead More »
  • Insomnia

    Marina’s knowledge and service is second to none. I found her after desperately trawling the internet for my last ditch attempt of trying to break the insomnia hell I’d been living in for 8 years. I was also suffering terrible anxiety and had just had enough with it all, most …Read More »